Enjoy Fresh, Flavorful Sushi in Park Ridge

You won’t have to travel far from Park 205 when you’re in the mood for fresh sushi. The immediate area boasts several high-quality Japanese restaurants serving up both fusion and authentic versions of all your sushi favorites. Here are three spots well-worth trying for the best sushi in Park Ridge.


The authentic Japanese decor makes Dotombori stand out as a family-owned and operated restaurant with very high standards. The quiet and cozy ambiance makes this the perfect destination for a restorative meal of fresh fish. Try flavorful maki or nigiri rolls and several types of sashimi platters. The $10 bento box lunch special is a fantastic deal for an elegant lunch that doesn’t break the bank. This yummy option comes with nice portions of sushi, rice, and veggies, as well as your choice of salad or soup. 

Blu Fish Bistro

This local Asian fusion favorite has large portions, beautifully-plated dishes and a lively Happy Hour. Blu Fish Bistro‘s extensive menu includes several types of rolls, from traditional combinations to more inventive options. The sashimi comes in a variety of assortments but all are fresh, fatty and cut in satisfyingly thick pieces. Quality ingredients and attention to detail is a big part of what makes the food delicious, including the very authentic wasabi. Along with the flavorful food, enjoy the comfortable ambiance of this clean and modern restaurant.

Shakou Park Ridge

The fun and hip decor is one of the major draws of this trendy sushi bar. Along with beautiful gas fireplaces, Shakou Park Ridge has chandeliers, neon lights, and energetic music. Enjoy an extensive wine list and high-quality interpretations of all your fresh Japanese favorites. There are plenty of standouts among the cooked options too, including bulgogi, crispy shrimp tempura, and plump potstickers. You should definitely try the signature drinks, including the blueberry mojito and a ginger martini. 

Great sushi in Park Ridge is only part of what makes living at Park 205 so convenient and enjoyable! The neighborhood has delicious options for any craving, whether savory or sweet. To learn much more about living in this welcoming community, contact us.

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