Enjoy Soft Pretzels and Beer at a Nearby Restaurant

Did you know that soft pretzels came to America around 1710? They were brought by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. If you would like to enjoy this salty treat, then visit one of these restaurants near Park 205 where you’ll also find pints of local and international brews: Corridor Brewery & Provisions  Nestled in […]

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a burger in Park Ridge

Visit Holt’s for Delicious Pizza and Burgers in Park Ridge

The Park Ridge area features a host of fantastic restaurants, including the top-rated eatery Holt’s. This eatery features a cozy, welcoming ambiance and a selection of food options including gourmet pizza and juicy burgers. Learn more about this top restaurant in Park Ridge! Chic & Inviting Holt’s offers plenty of spacious seating, both indoors and out. […]

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